Building Soul Blissipline

Struggling to maintain a mindful daily practice?

I used to think that transformation and spirituality took strict discipline and radical commitment. What I’ve found is that ordinary days are full of divine ways to nourish the soul. To feel awe and wonder over . . . a simple green smoothie, a gentle walk, a squirrel ravaging the bird feeder.

Are you a busy mystic? A personal growth enthusiast? 

Do you get things done for family, friends and work, but not for yourself?
Would you like to weave simple and satisfying
 practices into your every day?
Would you like to enjoy more wonder and mindfulness, even as you run errands?

Please join me for my brand NEW
8 week group coaching course:

(Audio only conference calls, by phone or computer)

~~ Building Soul Blissipline:  ~~~

Releasing the Belief Systems (BS) and Practicing Every Day Awe,
Self-Care and Mindfulness

Tuesdays May 1st – June 26th, 2018
12 noon – 1:30 EDT

Every 90 minute class will include: 

  • 45 minutes of one-to-one coaching, within the group. Each week, 3 – 5 volunteers will get personalized coaching on their challenges, questions, concerns & intentions. BS blocks are universal, at their root, so this’ll benefit all : )   
  • A guided meditation on the weekly theme, plus affirmations, angel assistance & prayers (scroll way down for class schedule!) 
  • EFT tapping to help release the BS that blocks our inner fire, fortitude and freedom. It relaxes the body and shifts the mind.

Practice makes progress, so let’s practice, together!

Come for a buffet of simple spiritual nourishment, mindset coaching, and conversation to remember & reignite your radiance. What areas of your life need more mindful support? We’ll sample a variety of soothing blissiplines to remind the brain of its rightful place as a tool, not a tyrant, so the heart and soul can more consistently look out in awe and wonder. Every day.

What BS gets in your way?

We already know our beliefs can determine whether we experience stress or happiness. We just need REMINDERS. We already know that practices like visualization, meditation, EFT and affirmations are fabulous ways to connect to our soul’s courage, clarity and creativity. We just need to FOCUS and DO THEM.

30 years ago I stepped into a metaphysical bookstore and fell in love. I thought I’d found happiness, health and HOME, forevermore! In truth, my soul-searching roller coaster had just begun. And it’s an ongoing, ever-changing, up and down path. That’s why they call it a spiritual practice. Let’s make it fun, goddammit, by doing it together. 

Accountability will keep us on track and save our divine derriere.
Our Oneness rawks, right!?

Reinforcement from our tribe validates our humanness. Normalizes our nuttiness. As our hearts open, we learn it IS safe to share. We can forgive ourselves. We can follow through. We can trust ourselves and our Source.

Come practice relaxation and joy.

Shift the procrastination, perfectionism, worry, anger, fear, distraction  and overwhelm…

Habits, positive or negative, give us a sense of safety & security. Change can easily trigger memories of past disappointment, hurt, and failure. In order to protect ourselves from that crap happening, again, we may end up subconsciously sabotaging our progress. It just seems easier to sit in front of Netflix or cuddle up with the cookies.

“Self-sabotage is misguided self-love.” ~Brad Yates

In these intense times, our minds are quite habituated to the fight, flight, freeze (or you’re f***ed) reaction.

Our comfort zone feels like a safer bet. It’s a well-practiced place. But. It also means we stay stuck. And that sucks.

If you could use an injection of energy, enthusiasm, inspiration and accountability, this class will help you break out of unsatisfying status quo. Together, we’ll practice the everyday medicine of presence and peace.

We’ll dive deep while lightening up. 

Class runs Tuesdays,
May 1st – June 26th, 2018

12 noon – 1:30pm EDT

Cost ~ $222

This class is a pilot program,
with LOTSA personal attentionI won’t be able to offer it at this low price again.

Only 11 spaces available ~ please register soon!
First 5 people to register
will receive 2 private coaching sessions with me
during or at the end of the course : )

A questionnaire will be sent out to all participants, which will help me tailor the class to the group’s preferences.
All classes will be recorded if you can’t make the live calls.


 Go the Divine Distance ~

When a healthy habit actually takes HOLD?!
Oh, the JOY. The RELIEF!
The blissipline when we actually do what we say we want to do?

When we practice small steps toward self-love, we find healthy habits that stick. 

One consistent and easy practice, which I use for myself and my clients, is EFT Tapping. I’ve seen first hand how it works. Studies show that EFT tapping soothes the amygdala (the slightly hysterical part of the brain that cries “Danger! Too much email!”) EFT interrupts the old BS wiring, calms the monkey mind and begins to change our negative neural ruts. It draws our attention into the present, where we are actually safe. 

Class schedule ~

Week 1. Tuesday 5/1 ~ Grounding Your Divine Goodies – Tools for Dropping the Brain’s BS and Honoring the Intuitive Heart
*Transformational Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT) for beginners & experienced tappers.
*Problems as springboards to spirit
*Kyle Gray’s Grounding meditation (& other Groovy Angels)

Week 2. Tuesday 5/8 ~ Angels for Overwhelm, Self-sabotage & Shiny Objects
*EFT Tapping on releasing resistance, reactivity, distraction, overwhelm
*The blissipline of slowing down when we “don’t have time”
*Chakra Alignment with the Angels ~ meditation by Diana Cooper

Week 3. Tuesday 5/15 ~ Conscious Creativity and Raising Our Vibes Naturally
*EFT tapping on procrastination, perfectionism & pressure from controlling inner critics
*Healing with the colors, calm and quiet of Mother Nature
*Tibetan “lovingkindness” meditation

Week 4. Tues 5/29 ~ Rockin’ Relationships & Recognizing Projections in the Mirror
*EFT Tapping on letting go of anger, defense, codependence & judgment
*Using “The Work” by Byron Katie
*Ho’oponopono – Hawaiian forgiveness prayer for releasing guilt and attachment

Week 5. Tues 6/5 ~ Radiant Health (and Body Image BS)
*The body’s messages – EFT tapping on releasing shame, self-judgment and comparison-itis
*Dr. Emoto – Healing water and the power of Grace
*Lorna Byrne’s “Prayer of Thy Healing Angels”

Week 6. Tues 6/12 ~ Fear, Focus and the Blissipline of Abundance
*Flow and faith – bringing our rich inner world into the outer world
*EFT Tapping on Abundance from Abraham-Hicks
*Moving from Motivation (fear & force) to Inspiration (joy & vision)

Week 7. Tues 6/19 ~ It’s All Connected. More of what’s working, please :)
*Continuing a popular theme from our previous 6 weeks (group consensus.)
*Simple Ancient Egyptian Ritual by Kala Ambrose
*Mystic Mandy Peterson’s “My Prayer to Love” 

Week 8. Tues 6/26 ~ The Power of Gratitude, Love Bombs and Co-creation
*Staying the Course – Moving forward with Every day Blissipline
*Gratitude tapping – Filling Up and Spilling Over
*Extending Grace to the World – “The Prayer of Light, Love and Peace”

Ready to Dance with the Divine? 


Possible side-effects of Everyday Blissipline include
(but are not limited to…)

Mental Chatter, Self-Paddling, Perfectionism & Procrastination
Nail-biting, Finger-pointing and Candy grabbing
Overwhelm, Over-scheduling and OMG Drama
Going-It-Alone, Inertia and Icky Isolation
BS Blocks and Limited Lack Thinking
Hurry, Worry and Fury

Walking, Stretching, Singing, Dancing, Doodling, Skinny-dipping
Earthing, Tree Hugging, Deep Breeeathing and Deep Sleeeping
Self-Care, Self-Acceptance and Googling Your Grooviness
Conscious Creativity, Co-Creation, Play and Laughter
Listening to Faith not Fear, Intuition not Indecision
Simple, Powerful Blissipline and Hell-Yes-Habits
Spiritual Practices, Presence and Peacing Out.

Here’s a quick video about me and my coaching work ~ produced by the amazing peeps at Barcroft TV :)

“If you want to move forward in a gigantic way to being the creative, joyful soul you are – Julie is the perfect prescription!! She’s an amazing, inspiring, radiant, awesome, soulful coach and cheerleader with an incredible bag of jewels to help you uncover your treasure. I’ve taken many coaching programs, and this is worth far more than Julie charges – each session is worth the cost of the entire course or more. Thanks Julie, I am eternally grateful for the shifts that occurred working with you!!!” ~Norma Reid, Life Coach (BC, Canada)

Want to read more testimonials from happy clients?
Please rumba right over here.

Questions? Please email me here and I’ll respond asap :)

Looking forward to rising together!
with lotsa love, laughter and soul satisfying practice,

 Julie Bond Genovese is an inspirational speaker, workshop leader, creative soul coach, artist, unschooling mom and best-selling author of her award-winning memoir, Nothing Short of Joy, endorsed by Wayne Dyer, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Bernie Siegel and Alan Cohen. Julie has been featured on numerous TV & radio shows including Anderson Cooper Live, NBC LX & radio with Gayle King.

“Nothing Short of Joy is a masterpiece that will take you out of your comfort zone and into a magical world of joy. I love this book. I love this woman. Read it and reap.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

Being born a dwarf, with degenerative arthritis, was not the curse Julie originally believed – it became the cure. After desperate years of humiliation & shame, medical studies & operations (including two brain surgeries,) Julie realized that the biggest thing standing in her way was her own Belief System (BS.) Happiness, it turned out, wasn’t dependent on her circumstances but on her response. As she began to view her challenges as sacred choices made by the soul, everything shifted. Julie mentors spirit-led creatives on how to use BS awareness to transform life’s grief and energize ginormous joy.  

Julie earned her BA in Fine Art, with honors, from Hamilton College (Clinton, NY.) She also spent a semester at the Lacoste School of Art in Lacoste, France and at Rhode Island School of Design. Julie coaches, writes and paints from her NJ home where she lives with her husband and two sons (and Merlin the labradog and Halo the cool cat.)

“Julie Genovese’s story is eloquent and moving proof that our spirits are always intact and always whole — regardless of how things appear physically. Hers is a fascinating and thoroughly readable story of courage and triumph!” ~ Dr. Christiane Northrup