Can You Drink in Your Dreams? Are You Creating Fungus or Fabulous?

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What the heck can rice prove when it comes to the unimagined power of our thoughts, feelings and words?

I wanted to see it with my own eye balls. So my boys and I started an experiment in positivity, inspired by Dr. Masaru Emoto. Although our attitudes obviously affect our personal decisions and lives, here’s a wild illustration of how they ‘mold’ the world around us, as well. It blew me out the back door.

We took three small containers and put 1/2 cup of cooked white rice in each. I labeled one, Love Joy Peace. I labeled another, Fear Hate Stress, and the third was the control rice so it had no label.

The three containers sat on the same shelf separated by six inches or so. Each day we quietly sent the “Love rice” good vibes, thoughts and prayers. We sent the “Hate rice” anger, stress and fear (rather awkward to do.) The control rice was ignored.

I was surprised to find that suddenly I had doubts.

What if all the containers mold at the same rate? My boys will just stare at me sideways and think, that’s just Mom and her spiritual stuff. But after about six days (check out the youtube video progression) a small hunk of blue fungus appeared on the Hate rice. wOOt-wOOt! Holy mold. I’ve never been so psyched about decay. A few days later, a bit of blue-green graced the control rice too.

The Love rice was still rawkin’ white. Cool.

Another week past and the Hate rice was even moldier. The control rice had some mold but less than the Hate, and the Love rice was still holding strong with nada. Go love!

The Hate rice was soon host to an ominous tsunami – condensation on all sides and a doomsday grey fur on top. Whoa. It was a primeval forest of fungus and fear. It was amazeballs.

The control rice mushroomed some more pink mold and some blue, but nowhere near the ferocious growth on the Hate rice. It wasn’t until the 4th week that the Love rice surrendered to some pink ick on top and a brownish breakdown on the bottom.

What an incredible experiment!

My 13-year-old said to me, “mom, even though I’m a believer, I wasn’t sure this would work.” Aw, a believer. I told him I’d had my concerns, too. Doubt seems to be built-in to the forgetful human suit.

Yesterday I grabbed three sugar soaked donut holes and, one by one, mindlessly popped them into my mouth. Then I spotted the small sign I’d posted where the experiment used to be, “Remember the Rice.” Oops. So I took a deep breath and blessed my belly and it’s bounty. It made me smile.

Gratitude boosts our immune system, metabolism and well-being. It’s never too late to prevent an inner tsunami by chowing down on thank you, thank you, thank you. What’s the hurry, bless it all!

We need consistent inspiration and reminders of what we already know; the power is within us. When we’re numb, negative or uncaring we’re feeding ourselves rot, but when we’re mindful, hopeful and loving, we’re wielding the power of light.

For most of us, it isn’t whether we believe in the power of positivity or prayer (we do.) It’s whether we’ll remember to stop, take a deep breathe and implement. Slow it way down. Snap out of the race. Go against the ‘grain.’ Bless our grub. Pause and send love bombs. Smack some affirmations on our frig, mirror, wall or forehead.

I like to make co-creative-coasters ~ I take a sticky note & write a word like, “LOVE” or “JOY” or a phrase, “RADIANT HEALTH” or “FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE.” I take fat clear tape and cover the whole note to ‘water proof’ it (sort of.) It sits under my water glass daily. It sinks into my heart. Dr. Emoto has researched how “water listens.” Our words and intentions imprint on our world. So bottoms up. Drink in the dreams. Expect miracles . . .

According to the rice, what we’re being, believing and blessing is spreading the mold or the marvelous. What beliefs and feelings are you feeding your friends and fam? Your neighbors? What silent thoughts are you dining on daily?

Don’t succumb to fungus. You can choose fabulous!




Seeing a forest of grace and greatness within you,

& always LOVE!



9 responses to “Can You Drink in Your Dreams? Are You Creating Fungus or Fabulous?

  1. Hazel Dawkins

    Your boys are blessed to have you as their mother, Julie. What a wonderful experiment. Cheers.


  2. Julie Genovese

    I’ll tell them you said so Noisette! Thank you for your vote of confidence – it isn’t easy to feel really confident about parenting – such an important job that we have to learn and figuring out as we go. Honestly there should be less math/spelling/whatever in school and more prep for this lifework stuff. It’s so baffling at times… and yet so vital! <3 <3 <3

  3. I LOVE THIS!!!
    Totally awesome! I am going to start blessing, and making post it coasters.

  4. Julie Genovese

    Isn’t it incredible? Oh the power we wield! GROW FOR IT! <3

  5. Beautiful Jules!!! People need to read this. I am always talking with people about the power of thoughts/attitude, etc.. but it is amazing to hear about this experiment.. Love it and you, Lis

  6. Julie Genovese

    Lis I know you spread the good news about our inner powah! You are a tremendous, loving support for so many – brava my sistah! Love you so <3

  7. Debbie (Argo) Ritter

    Wonderful and so accurate as to what does happen to all cellular forms of energy! We did this experiment in grad school with our “hippie ” professor that thought she was on her way out of a job- when we all wrote to the Dean, guess what – she kept her job and got tenure to boot! Not so “clinical” of an experiment for Research class at a NY Jesuit university – lol! I’ve had clients do it over the years as well!! Sooooo grateful you blogged on it Julie! Keep spreading the word! You are amazing! Grateful to know you! Blessings and huge hugs from the Jersey shore! xo

    • Julie Genovese

      Debbie you did this in grad school? OMG that’s amazing! It really is a powerful experiment to witness. Cheers to your hippie prof and those of you who helped her get her well-deserved tenure ; ) I didn’t see your comment until now but I sure LOVED hearing from you Angel, thank you! XOxox

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