Celebrating Everyday Miracles & Mother Nature’s Magic

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“Anyone can slay a dragon, he told me, but try waking up every morning and loving the world all over again. That’s what takes a real hero.” ~Brian Andreas

The day started a mess. It didn’t help when Mocha arrived, our neighbor’s bouncing black lab. She regularly escapes from her house to call on our yellow lab, Merlin. It’s inspiring lab love ~ leaping, frolicking, slobbering and panting. When she visits, though, I feel the need to stay in the backyard as chaperone; Mocha is a Houdini. After she and Merl are done romping, she’ll wriggle under our fence like an octopus and be off to greener pastures. Her family would be heartbroken if Mocha Latte was lost.

I dial my neighbor to retrieve Miss Mocha. No one answers. This means she’s at work and her boarder has come and gone and left their gate open. Again.

Grrrrr. I don’t have time for this today.

But until I hear back from Mocha’s mom, I’m relegated to the backyard. The dogs are thrilled. As they bound about, lapping up the life and the sunshine, I begin to unleash as well.

I breathe in the spring and suddenly notice the effervescent violets… the glorious green sprouts … tiny chipper birds. The wow is everywhere, hiding in plain sight. The natural world is dynamic ….and healing. It’s a work of art that wants a home in me. I was agitated before, but now peace is riding shotgun. Whoa.

I realize that the past week felt so heavy because I’d forgotten the everyday miracles. Again.

Just as my heart is remembering that all-important key, something catches my eye. I turn to see . . . a ginormous Great blue heron gliding across our suburban green! What incarnation..!? With a massive six foot wing span (I Googled that) she nearly blots out the sun. My jaw drops in shock.

The gentle giant glides effortlessly, swooping low and steady through a hole in the trees. HOLY JUMBO JET she’s so close! Nearly at eye level, I can almost reach out and touch the freedom, the soft gray body, the sleek white of her majestic head. No beating wings, no sound, she just sails, luminous and still. My pulse races behind her as I follow in giddy pursuit, hoping to hold onto her a bit longer.

Mocha and Merlin catch sight, too. Oh dear. But strangely, they only lope along, curious but not barking. Bless their furry spirits.

Time has stood still as the heron wings through the yard, swoops up over the far fence and down into the brook. Although she’s in no hurry, my bare feet are quickly picking their way through pine needles and prickles, as I yipe and squeak in excited disbelief. I spot her in the water! Standing there gangly yet graceful, unperturbed, is my lean four foot dinosaur, in search of fish or frog.

She tiptoes forward on spindly legs, her neck doubling back like a slow motion rocking chair. With all the time in the world, she makes her way through the bubbling brook in a contagious calm. She holds my breath captive. Her mastery steals my heart.

In an instant, she has wiped away my worries. My weak places are mended by her wildness. Her unshakeable presence. It’s spackle for the soul.

If it hadn’t been for Mocha disturbing my ‘important’ plans, I would have missed this powerful pixie dust.

That’s the trick, isn’t it ~ loving our everydayness. The mundane tasks. The painful detours. The awe inspiring universe will bring us back to what we already are. How do I forget the pleasure of a backyard, of clean water, electricity and food in the frig? Such luxuries all around. Such joy waiting within.

I wish I celebrated it more. That’s what hero(n)s and heroines do. Everyday nobility lives in the simple stuff. Like my fingers typing on these keys right now – technology is just amazing! My eyes are watching (and understanding) the words strewn across this screen – fabulous! My son is calling me (interrupting for the third time) from the other room – splendid! Love him!

I don’t want to be numb to the glory just because I am gifted by it everyday. The flashy wins are easier to applaud ~ Academy awards, Olympian feats, the newest gadget. The everyday successes are quieter. Intangible. When I’m able to honor them, I feel full and on fire.

I double back on the goodies of my ‘commonplace’ existence and remember a beautiful bubbling brook. A great blue dive. When I’m awake and aware, I have all the time in the world. The paradox is that by loving the small moments, I find Life’s grandeur. And that makes room for even more magic.

This day holds everyday miracles for you.

Mocha and Merlin told me so.



Sending you Mama Nature’s mojo, with much love,

xo Julie

P.S. The heron in the photo was not my beautiful backyard guest. This one posed for me at a local pond : ) They thrill me wherever I find them!