THANK YOU for your CPR purchase!

Aloha Super Soul!


You are amazing ❤


Here are your 6 MP3’s

from my new e-course…

CPR for the Creative Soul


Breathe out Stress, BS and Creative Kryptonite

and Breathe in Healing, Enthusiasm

and Your Super Soul Powers



right click the 6 links below to download MP3’s to your computer

(for better volume please use earbuds or headphones)

MP3 #1 — What Incarnation Was I Thinking? The Creative Re-storying of our BS

MP3 #2 — Being Human is a Handicap with a Heavenly Plot Twist – Releasing the Past

MP3 #3 — Creative Courage & Going Soul to Soul – Healing Relationships

MP3 #4 – Using the Creative Mirror – The Epic Journey to Recover Our True Self

MP3 #5 — The Universe is Listening – How to Usher in Our Creative Dreams

MP3 #6 — Offering Love Bombs – The Power of Mindfulness, Prayer & Self Care

I hope you’ll be inspired – Bansai!

feel free to email me with any

questions/comments at


To brave wholeheartistry, lotsa love and ginormous joy,


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