Creative Playdate – thank you

Thank you & Welcome Aboard!

We’re thrilled you’ve joined us ?

? We’ll start our decadent day of creative play
and vision board blissipline at
9:30 am on Sat. February 22nd
at Meg’s home.
Her address is:

144 Warbasse Junction Road 
Lafayette, NJ 07848

To deck out your vision board, we’ll supply all the glorious goodies:

1. a 15” x 17” thick foam core board (this baby will stand on its own on your dresser, fireplace, windowsill etc)
2. magazines, clippings, inspiring words, colored tissue paper, stickers, charms, do-dads etc…
3. scissors, markers, glue guns, mod-podge glue

What do you need to bring? Nada. Zippo.

But, if you’d like to bring magazines, quotes, photos, feathers or thingamajigs that would make your banzai-board shine, please do! ✨

Your vision board will help you stay focused on what you want, but it is also meant to help you focus on how you want to feel. What are the feelings you will have after getting what you want? Joy? Freedom? Peace? Relief? Belief? Faith? A vision board will help you feel and PRACTICE those feelings before you get what you want, which actually helps achieve those goals. By summoning the feelings first, you raise your energy to the same level as having the desired object. Raising your energy will magnetically attract the people, circumstances and resources you need to make it a reality.

Our day of vision board bliss will infuse you with high flying vibes so you can rise up into your creations!?

We’ll have yummy & hearty vegetarian fair for lunch, with gluten free options ???

After this creative day of sacred play, you’ll return to your life with a lighter heart, renewed vigor, a positive mindset, greater clarity, focus, blissipline, peace and a deeper resolve to
go the distance for your dreams.

See you at Meg’s house on Saturday Feb 22nd, woohoo!

With lotsa creative light, love & gratitude ?

??? Julie & Meg

For any questions, feel free to contact us!
GD Meg – (973) 879-3199 or
Julie – (201) 878-2522 or

Green Diva Meg~ 
(aka Megan McWilliams Bouchard) As a recovering magazine publisher, radio show & podcast host, author, workshop leader and digital content producer, Green Diva Meg has successfully applied her experience and skills to promote the value of healthy, sustainable living. Green Diva Meg’s big-picture goal is help make ideas for simple, low-stress sustainable living accessible to a broad and diverse audience using humor, credible information and technology. She’s a digital media diva (diva as in fun, endearing term – not as in difficult personality!). She loves to interact and has been busy writing, producing and performing in nearly all media platforms (Print, Radio, TV, Web, Blog, Social Media).

Julie Bond Genovese is an inspirational speaker, creative soul coach, workshop leader, artist, mom and best-selling author of her award-winning memoir, Nothing Short of Joy, endorsed by Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Christiane Northrup & Dr. Bernie Siegel. Julie has been featured on TV, online & radio including ABC, NBC, FOX, Oprah radio, Barcroft TV, Huffington Post, Maria Shriver, FinerMinds and Being born a dwarf, with degenerative arthritis, was not the poison Julie originally believed – it became the cure. Julie realized that the biggest thing standing in her way was her B.S. (Belief System.) Julie mentors spirit-led sistahs on how to bless the BS, view challenges as sacred choices made by the soul, express their WholeHeartistry, build soul-blissipline and energize ginormous joy.