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“I am honored to offer my highest recommendation to Ms. Julie Genovese, the inspirational writer and speaker we were lucky enough to host here at St. Francis College, in Brooklyn Heights, NY, in Spring 2010.  Julie brought warmth, humor and kindness — along with more than a few tear-filled eyes — to the campus.  Her spirited and very funny reading touched everyone from students to faculty to the broad cross-section of the Brooklyn community she drew as an audience. Julie’s presence sparked lively conversations about the role of memoir in the healing process, the importance of family and friends, the definition of “disability”, and the potential sources of strength in ourselves. I look forward to following her career as a writer, and encourage anyone with the opportunity to invite her into their lives to do so at once.”

Timothy J. Houlihan, Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Affairs, Academic Dean, St. Francis College, Brooklyn Heights, NY

“I went to the Town Hall Lecture Series and heard Julie Bond Genovese. She was really inspirational. It was a mob scene at her booksigning because she is one of the best lecturers we have had.” Ellen Dixon, NJ

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One response to “Invite Julie to Speak

  1. Hi Julie,

    I am writing to you as an admirer of your work. Your Creativity Soul Coaching method is so inspiring! 

    I’m an artist, shamanic practitioner, and creativity mentor and I deeply resonate with your message.  

    In that spirit, I’d love to feature you in a special Online Masterclass I’m launching called, Awakening Through Art. Over 25 artists, healers and advocates will share creative practices to activate healing, inspire connection and amply love around the world.

    This is the fifth online event I’ve done in the last couple years with an audience reach of over 250K viewers each. 

    The intention of this series is share innovative, hands-on processes with viewers, giving them step-by-step support, a view into your unique creative world, and real tools for bringing love and healing to themselves and our global community.

    The series launches December 3rd 2018 and the promo period is Nov. 19th-Dec. 3rd.

    If you would be willing to share 40 minutes of your time for a video interview (that includes a teaching and/or practice) with the audience, and help to promote the series (via social media, and your list) this in an opportunity to get your message and work in front of a large audience and with an option to offer a free gift to this new community!

    Please let me know if you are interested in participating and I will share with you more details about the interview and next steps.

    Thank you for your work in the world! 

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    In creative solidarity,