Inspirational Bookmarks

Julie’s original artwork (watercolor and calligraphy) has been reproduced and laminated into a flexible but durable bookmark. For your reading joy : ) The calligraphy/image on the actual bookmarks is never blurry (as it appears in some scans.) The bookmarks measure 1 1/2″ x 8 1/4″ ❤

Shipping is free in the USA.

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  1. But when reality calls, we have to find a way to get up, get through, and deal with seasonal depression or, more casually, those dreaded “holiday blues.

    • Julie Genovese

      YES so true! There’s a time when all that pj wearing permission, decompressing and detoxing has done some deep work and getting back into action is part of coping/healing the holiday blues or any kind of depression. There is always more love to give to ourselves whether we are curling under a quilt or getting out into the world. How our reality looks and unfolds is determined by our outlook. The down time shows me where I have forgotten consistent self-love, and the ways that I am self-defeating, in my own mind! Just that awareness means I can see the “problem” isn’t somewhere outside me, or out of my control. I can support myself from the inside, continue to heal, and continue to feel more and more fulfilled…. Take good care of you, always ❤

  2. Lisa Delchamps


    As always your insights are spot on. I remember a landscape artist talking about how her yard was always the one who needed the most attention. Not surprising that, for a moment, you forgot to practice the self compassion you help your clients use and missed the signs of all or nothing thinking.

    Every time that I read your posts I keep my paws crossed that you will write another book. Please don’t feel pressure from me. I recently wrote Lin Manuel Miranda to thank him for his musicals and signed the card “anxiously awaiting your next musical.”

    You are not only a wise woman with such insightful guidance but a wonderful writer. Hugs and kisses. Bunky

    • Julie Genovese

      LIS! You’re de bomb! I was embarrassed to share this one, but I also figured it might help others who are embarrassed by their caca. You are so good to me to read and comment so generously. It means A LOT coming from you – your depth of knowledge, expertise and compassion in the area of psychological BS! You make me feel understood AND smart all at the same time :) THANK YOU. Especially for the encouragement on the BOOK! I’m so impressed that you wrote Lin Manuel MirandaI! How awesome! I love you to the moon Xo

  3. Love it! Oh, Goddess of Beandom!

  4. You are AMAZING my Beautiful Goddess friend!!!
    Truly the Goddess of Goddesses right to the end!!!!

    • Julie Genovese

      OH Norma! It takes one to know one!!! Thank you gorgeous wonderwoman, it’s always fabulous to hear from you – thank you for reading! Love love love!

  5. Nice!! Love the idea of weaving of simple blissiplines into our day

    • Julie Genovese

      THANK YOU KayBean! And you are a wonderful weaver of daily delight! Thanks for reading :) Xoxoxo

  6. Love this article – I’ve been feeling it’s time for me to get back on track! Thanks for sharing!

    • Julie Genovese

      Thank you Catherine! We all fall out of synch sometimes – I’m glad you’re ready to rock again! I’m with you~! xoxo

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  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE this, Julie! I love the way you are so open to synchronicity and how it takes you somewhere deeper and more life affirming.
    Bravo for snakes and hawks and deep doo-doo birds. All part of the circle of life. <3

    • Julie Bond Genovese

      Hahaha! Yes the synchronicity did indeed take me… beyond my fears… much to my great relief and appreciation. Thanks for reading, Kbean! xoxoxox

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  12. lovin this global treasure hunt with you WG Julie! what a joyful journey this has turned out to be indeed!

    • Julie Genovese

      Soooo very thankful that we found each other at the Spirit Pub! And that we came to earth arm in arm, hand in hand, ready to take on the darkness! Where incarnation would I be without my luminous faithful BFF soul sistah?? Love you pixie!

  13. You see more than the average bean in your sanctuary! You are a courageous goddess who is gifted with unique sight. Love it!