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Do You Feel the Quickening? Plus NJ workshop

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Hiya Riotous Rainbows

Do you feel that quickening of life beneath the surface? Even though we can’t see it, deep in her roots, the earth is alive with spring. So are you. Ready to bust a move and break the crusty surface, too? Are you willing to let go and let loose? Fear has plenty of reasons why we shouldn’t – there are so many times we’ve embarrassed ourselves and things didn’t work out the way we’d dreamed. Why would they now? Fear is as addictive as potato chips. And her heavy armor (worry, doubt, anger, blame, control, powerlessness, negativity etc) will tell us to “be realistic” in order to save us from one more face plant. 

“Realism is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of pessimism. The people with the most consistent track records of success don’t think in terms of what is.
They think in terms of what could be”
– Tim Johnson

Growing up, Fear told me that I needed protection – my dwarfed body was weak, not good enough, a target at the mercy of unfair circumstances. I put away those cray-cray dreams of feeling free and on fire. I stayed hidden. For my own “good.” 

I wasn’t ‘saved’ by staying safe, though, I felt stuck. Held hostage. The longer I listened to the BS, and ignored my own truth, the less energized I felt.? The less faith I had in the strength of my spirit.

Step away from that cool-aide.

Plug back into your power Source. Fill your tank. Be open to new horizons. What brings you peace? Music? Nature? Reading? Yoga? Animals? Creativity? Doodling? Dancing? A bath by candlelight? A spangly tiara? ✨ Pay attention to what light’s you up. ☀️And then go do it (or stop doing what feels heavy and dark…) 

Peace and joy is wifi for the soul. And vice-versa. The more we align with our own truth (fun, frolic and sequins) the less any outer disturbances can run us off the rails. We have the power to stay at peace no matter what’s happening around us. Easier said than done, but daily practice makes progress. What small joy will you dive into today?

Practice peace this week. Let it be in the way you walk. Let it be your cha-cha partner. And then those dreams, goals and scary dance steps, will pull you toward the inevitable changes. From the inside out – hope opens doors. It softens the fear and bedazzles your inner vision. 

And if you’re near northern NJ, please join me for my workshop, “Transform Pain into Purpose and Enlighten Up” ✨Sat 2/16, 1 – 3pm at the uber peaceful & beautiful Purple Om Yoga in Denville NJ. Register here (you’ll need to scroll down the events page to find it.)? Email me with any questions!

If you know anyone in the tri-state area who might be interested in my workshop, will you forward this post to them? Thank you for helping me spread the word! (Autocorrect wrote “try-state” lol. That’s the East coast mentality alright – try try try! Type A’s can be very trying.) ? 

Breathe in the peace. 


And new beginnings….

with lotsa love, 


If you’re looking for some super-soul support and accountability in 2019, to align with your spirit’s power, mission and vision… my coaching rate is temporarily at $20/hourfor new clients (or past clients, in a bind.) Find the coupon codes here. 

Welcome 2019

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Hi Messengers of Light
If deep down, Love is who we are and where we come from, do we dare dream we can create more goodness this year? This time? When doubt and hard feelings close our heart, and we stop the loving (of ourselves, others, circumstances, etc…) it’s not the world that’s actually gone dark… it’s inside us. The anger, resistance and fear of what’s happening, is coming from our limited belief systems (BS) and past conditioning. Our first reaction to anything “bad” tends to be to point a finger at something outside us. But when we realize that the source of suffering is within us, that awareness allows the internal change. Our openness brings acceptance, accountability, healing, peace, self-love and the remembrance that we are One. We’re connected with every other flawed & forgetful human who has gotten it backward, in one way or another.

Although we’ve often doused our own flame (ignored, dismissed or otherwise diminished our value,) no external circumstance can ever put it out. We may not be able to change circumstances (or those rascals around us,) but we can definitely change what’s in us. It takes time and practice ~ but we have the power and authority to re-light our lamp. The times when we fear the darkness, and believe it’s a mistake, is when we’ve forgotten our soulshine, which never stops lighting the way. It never stops loving the way. So go ahead and shine in the darkness. Don’t believe in it’s gloom, because you have the power to light up the night.

❤ FYI, my coaching rate is still at $20/hour for new clients (or past clients, in a bind.) It’s a 65% – 75% savings off my hourly rate. This is one way I can make a difference in 2019. Pay it forward. Help raise our collective vibration. Surrender. Be the change. Embrace community and collaboration. 

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One answer to healing our global soul-sickness is to heal our own wounds, first; then we have a brighter, clearer and enthusiastic vision to reach out and make broader changes.

If you’re looking for some super-soul support in 2019, to align with your spirit’s power, mission and vision… 

I’m here to help :)  

Cheers to a bright New Year! ❤
With lotsa love & endless light,
Lotsa love and ginormous joy,