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Please *right click* on the ebook title below to download & save my ebook to your desktop – it’s a very large file (loads of fun graphics) so be patient, it may take several minutes : )

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“Release the Blocks

So Creativity Rocks!”

A Spiritual Pep Rally for Breaking Up with Your BS (Belief System), Ditching Polly Perfectionist and Energizing Ginormous Joy.


There’s inspiration-quotations, calligraphy, watercolors & lotsa wisdom to help you kick some BS buttowski.

Banzai : )

with love, whole-heartistry

and ginormous joy,


5 responses to “Welcome! ❤

  1. Joseph h marzulli

    Hey Julie, just downloaded So Creativity Rocks. Can’t wait !!!

  2. Thank you Julie for sharing your joy, creativity and energy .

    • Julie Genovese

      Chris, I appreciate you – thank you for swinging by with your kindness :)

  3. Kelley Wolfe

    Thank you for this Julie!!