There was an Angel Dancing at the Park

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%22Angels believe in you. Jan Phillips - angelcloud

Last Saturday, I was sitting at Heaven Park (my favorite pond where my heron friends feed,) feeling kinda angry and sorry-for-myself after an argument with my hubby. Sigh. I asked my divine dad & my angels to help me return to peace and stop blaming anything or anyone else for my unrest. And then I went on with my day – writing, reading, gazing, watching the gold finch, and snacking.

 A few hours later, as I’m getting ready to leave, (feeling much more aligned after my time-out in Mother Nature’s nursery,) I look up and there’s this triumphant Angel, tiara and all, cheering me on from above. I laughed out loud! Or perhaps she’s toasting the world while dancing a cheeky cha-cha. Whatever she was doing in the clouds, it was the perfect tonic for old sour feelings.
cloud angel As I took a slew of pictures, another angel image, with what looked like big open arms, came up underneath the first brassy gal… see him? Well, what matters most (for me) is my own looking glass. What matters most for you, is your personal spectacles – that’s what will seize the day and make it troubled or triumphant. We always have that choice.
What uplifting lens will we choose to look through today…?
How do YOU shift a crummy mood? Take a walk? Write? Read? A snooze? Yoga? Music? Art? Facebook? A cruise? :) 
Let me know in the comments… 
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Wishing you…
a new creative lens, and the 
the willingness to keep looking up, 
the courage to keep looking within,
the inspiration to keep looking forward
& heavenly angels to dance you toward your dreams…
xoxo Julie 

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12 responses to “There was an Angel Dancing at the Park

  1. Trish Lynch

    I see them both!!! Wow, Julie, you really do show us how being open allows the signs and affirmative messages to come through. They are coming to us, we just need to be open to them. I am inspired once again. Thank you!!

  2. You are an inspiration. I’m so glad I took the time to read your positive message. You continue to empower and remind us to see beyond the stress of life. Abundant blessings to you, Kathi Gazzano

    • Julie Genovese

      Thank you for reading and commenting Kathi! The cloud angels definitely inspired me so I’m glad they spoke to you too. Big blessings right back atcha! xoxoxo

  3. Dear Julie, it’s amazing the beauty that surrounds us when we take time to look and listen as you did. Yes, I see the Angels and will be on alert for some images of my own! Thank you for this inspirational reminder.

    • Julie Genovese

      Kathy I know you have a whole team of angels around you ready to send up a flare! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind words! Love to you XO

  4. Lisa D/Bunky

    Thanks again for your wonderful insights Jul❤️?I choose to see beauty and hopefulness today.

  5. Thanks for sharing a little bit of heaven with us – here and in person. Love seeing things through your special eyes. Looking forward to the 12th!

  6. Julie Genovese

    Hee hee, a little bit-o Heaven Park, which you know well! See you soon! Xoxoxox

  7. So happy to trip over this story, my friend. Angels have always connected us and yet there has been a space in the clouds. And here you are, angels and all. No surprise! Love your story. Love you!

    • Julie Genovese

      My ANGEL LO ANNE! It’s been too long – sooo happy to see you here. You are an earth angel for sure! Love you always <3

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