You’ve Got Magical Sh** To Do

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☀️Fearless Dreamers☀️ 

An inspirational quote from Mary Oliver – may she rest (and rock) in peace – in honor of El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH and their unimaginable losses.

A few weeks ago, I was feeling quite lost, both in a personal challenge and a financial one. Have you noticed that when we let our minds dig into doubts in one dark wood, several others rush in to pitch a tent? (BS feels stronger running in packs.) 

While I was busy acting out my gazelle-in-headlights drama, I’d inadvertently alerted the totally mental hyenas. They know how to divide and conquer through fear. I was suddenly trapped in a few doozies, “I’m not good enough, smart enough, wealthy enough, connected enough, big enough or energetic enough to conquer the vast and overgrown jungle of life.” 

The mind can be very forgetful …but our heart always remembers; it’s a privilege just to be in the game. Trailblazing the adventure. On the hunt for the soul’s dream: to discover more in this world, about myself, about you, and about how to live into the deeper joys waiting for us to catch up to them. 

When I’m feeling grateful for that mysterious opportunity, the promise of better days and the Serengeti sun that shines within, it feels like it is MORE than enough just to be alive. The elephant sized challenges are part of my soul’s plan, and I AM capable enough and worthy enough to stand in my higher power and carry on. Carry on! If we’re breathing, it’s enough. Let’s unite, pray and send love and comfort to people who are suffering the deepest of losses right now. ✨

wishing you a heart as big as Texas,
forgiveness toward your loved ones,

and gratitude for it all,

❌⭕️ Julie

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You’ve got magical shit to do!

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